Understanding the ASCAP and BMI 100% Licensing Decision

If you’re a songwriter, publisher, composer or just someone playing by the rules of licensing in the music industry, you have probably heard at least some “buzz” that goes something like, “There was some significant decision made by the U.S. Department of Justice that will impact performing rights organizations like ASCAP and BMI”. If you tried to glance at an article and found yourself scratching your head about what happened, you’re not alone. But this is stuff you’re going to want to understand. This literature will attempt to demystify exactly what’s happening, and explain the outrage shared by many. Continue reading

Heartbleed Security Issue: At Least 60% of Internet Impacted

Experts are reporting that the Heartbleed Security issue is estimated to have impacted at least 60% of the internet, and that’s being optimistic. This article is intended to help you consolidate a few helpful online sources regarding this devastating bug and catch you up to speed if you’ve been living under a rock since the announcement of the Heartbleed. Continue reading